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normalized-PB06/OPT-SMALLINT/mps-v2-20-10/ [OPT-LIN-32-PB] [incomplete]

results for complete track

SolverWall Clock TimeMemoryStatuso ValueResultModelSolvedOutput
bsolo611.89252.1SATISFIABLE25 OK OK No out err perf
clasp611.3018.1SATISFIABLE25 OK OK No out err perf
minisatplus8.4720.4OPTIMUM19 OK OK Yes out err perf
naps11.4336.2OPTIMUM19 OK OK Yes out err perf
open-wbo-lsu1.010.0UNSATISFIABLE- Wrong OK Yes out err perf
pbcplex0.630.0OPTIMUM19 OK OK Yes out err perf
pblib-pbo2maxsat611.651296.7 - - OK OK No out err perf
sat4j611.04132.1SATISFIABLE23 OK OK No out err perf
scipcpx3.2058.4OPTIMUM19 OK OK Yes out err perf
scipspx1.680.0OPTIMUM19 OK OK Yes out err perf
toysat611.581072.0 - 26 OK OK No out err perf
pblib-pbsolver611.9861.2 - 19 OK OK No out err perf