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ASP/ShiftDesign/ [OPT-LIN-32-PB] [complete]

results for incomplete track

SolverWall Clock TimeMemoryStatuso ValueResultModelSolvedOutput
bsolo1.42130.6UNSATISFIABLE- Wrong OK Yes out err perf
clasp2924.42631.3OPTIMUM7294238 OK OK Yes out err perf
minisatplus2533.222595.8OPTIMUM7294238 OK OK Yes out err perf
naps172.323745.4OPTIMUM7294238 OK OK Yes out err perf
open-wbo2.32375.7UNSATISFIABLE- Wrong OK Yes out err perf
open-wbo-lsu15.95374.4UNSATISFIABLE- Wrong OK Yes out err perf
pbcplex3601.391482.1SATISFIABLE41972002 OK OK No out err perf
pblib-pbo2maxsat3602.021707.1 - - OK OK No out err perf
pblib-pbsolver3530.61908.5OPTIMUM7294238 OK OK Yes out err perf
sat4j3602.24332.2SATISFIABLE7304367 OK OK No out err perf
scipcpx3601.383473.6 - - OK OK No out err perf
scipspx3600.662506.7 - - OK OK No out err perf
toysat3602.173088.7 - 86661686 OK OK No out err perf