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normalized-PB06/OPT-SMALLINT/mps-v2-20-10/MIPLIB/miplib2003/normalized-mps-v2-20-10-mzzv11.opb [OPT-LIN-32-PB] [complete]

results for incomplete track

SolverWall Clock TimeMemoryStatuso ValueResultModelSolvedOutput
bsolo3602.061033.2 - -9294 OK OK No out err perf
clasp33.7826.9OPTIMUM-10859 OK OK Yes out err perf
minisatplus3605.40692.9SATISFIABLE-10060 OK OK No out err perf
naps156.50621.2OPTIMUM-10859 OK OK Yes out err perf
open-wbo2.97472.8UNSATISFIABLE- Wrong OK Yes out err perf
open-wbo-lsu3.18475.8UNSATISFIABLE- Wrong OK Yes out err perf
pbcplex23.8563.8OPTIMUM-10859 OK OK Yes out err perf
pblib-pbo2maxsat3601.661567.0 - - OK OK No out err perf
pblib-pbsolver3601.29653.2 - -10264 OK OK No out err perf
sat4j312.5899.6OPTIMUM-10859 OK OK Yes out err perf
scipcpx212.46441.1OPTIMUM-10859 OK OK Yes out err perf
scipspx652.76462.2OPTIMUM-10859 OK OK Yes out err perf
toysat3601.871117.7 - -10730 OK OK No out err perf