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PB12/normalized-PB12/OPT-SMALLINT-LIN/sroussel/BA/normalized-BA_RDC4.dot_luby_20null0mast_rapportOE2.0_TMAX15_K67_cod3.opb [OPT-LIN-32-PB] [complete]

results for incomplete track

SolverWall Clock TimeMemoryStatuso ValueResultModelSolvedOutput
bsolo3602.10566.7 - -1 OK OK No out err perf
clasp2528.611910.7OPTIMUM-224 OK OK Yes out err perf
minisatplus3605.331056.4SATISFIABLE-168 OK OK No out err perf
naps3605.284965.7SATISFIABLE-1 OK OK No out err perf
open-wbo1.060.0UNSATISFIABLE- Wrong OK Yes out err perf
open-wbo-lsu0.670.0UNSATISFIABLE- Wrong OK Yes out err perf
pbcplex23.20142.5OPTIMUM-224 OK OK Yes out err perf
pblib-pbo2maxsat3601.61417.5 - - OK OK No out err perf
pblib-pbsolver3601.471074.7 - -138 OK OK No out err perf
sat4j579.161106.6SATISFIABLE-160 OK OK No out err perf
scipcpx25.61500.1OPTIMUM-224 OK OK Yes out err perf
scipspx22.40510.7OPTIMUM-224 OK OK Yes out err perf
toysat3601.391093.7 - 0 OK OK No out err perf