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PB10/normalized-PB10/OPT-BIGINT-LIN/leberre/opb-trendy/misc2010/datasets/9orless/normalized-kfilereplace.cudf.trendy.opb [OPT-LIN-64-PB] [complete]

results for incomplete track

SolverWall Clock TimeMemoryStatuso ValueResultModelSolvedOutput
clasp0.870.0 - - OK OK No out err perf
minisatplus3605.28111.5SATISFIABLE202275521447279 OK OK No out err perf
naps278.227533.2SATISFIABLE3020977049388 OK OK No out err perf
open-wbo0.720.0UNSATISFIABLE- Wrong OK Yes out err perf
open-wbo-lsu0.860.0UNSATISFIABLE- Wrong OK Yes out err perf
pblib-pbo2maxsat87.5345.4OPTIMUM2624366011833 OK OK Yes out err perf
pblib-pbsolver3602.251755.4 - 3896601985011 OK OK No out err perf
sat4j3601.57323.9 - 3180506921605 OK OK No out err perf
toysat2622.787700.3 - 46867766113896 OK OK No out err perf